August 2, 2018

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The left sees the president’s tweet as yet another attempt to “smear [Mueller] and erode his credibility.”


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated, “‘The president is not obstructing, he’s fighting back’... Suffice it to say there is no ‘fighting back’ exception to obstruction of justice charges, which were part of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.”


Counterpoint: “If Trump’s tweet were used as the basis for a criminal allegation, it would reduce Mueller from hunting Russian collaborators in our presidential election to punishing presidential trolling on social media... these tweets [are] both cathartic and costly for Trump, but they are not crimes.”

USA Today

Regarding Manafort, “[He] went to work for Trump. For free! And led the campaign when the [RNC] platform was changed in Russia’s favor... And offered briefings for a Kremlin-connected Russian oligarch... establishing that Trump’s one-time campaign chief was heavily connected with Kremlin characters doesn’t prove conspiracy to acquire help during the election, but it sure does bolster the credibility of the investigators.”

Washington Post

The right cautions against firing Mueller.

The right cautions against firing Mueller.

“We can appreciate Mr. Trump’s frustration that what began as an FBI counterintelligence probe in 2016 has now stretched past two years... But the damage from firing Mr. Mueller is so predictable [that it's] hard to believe even Mr. Trump would tempt such a fate—especially since there’s a smarter strategy. Start declassifying and releasing documents related to the FBI and Justice probes going back to 2016.”

Wall Street Journal

Fox News

Regarding Manafort, “one keyword was missing from the opening arguments at the trial on Tuesday: ‘Trump.’ Everything discussed in the courtroom precedes Manafort’s three months on the 2016 Trump campaign by two years.

New York Post

3D Gun Blueprints

“A U.S. judge on Tuesday blocked the planned release of 3-D printed gun blueprints hours before they were set to hit the internet... The decision blocked a settlement President Donald Trump’s administration had reached with a Texas-based company which initially said it planned to put files online on Wednesd

On the bright side...

Good dog finishes Australian half marathon, earns medal, and may be up for adoption soon!

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