July 19, 2018

New IRS Policy

as part of their annual return.” This information is currently provided to the IRS but not disclosed to the public. (US Treasury)

“Charities that mainly receive tax-deductible contributions and political organizations will still have to provide in their annual returns the names and addresses of their donors giving at least $5,000. But

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The left is concerned that the new policy “will allow politically active nonprofits to pour anonymous ‘dark money’ into elections with even less government oversight than they already face.”


According to the Campaign Legal Center, “The requirement that 501(c)(4)s report their top donors to the IRS was one of the few ways that the government could identify illegal foreign money in elections... Now that this requirement has been tossed aside, dark money will be much harder to trace.”


“The IRS announced the rules change Monday evening. Earlier that day, Trump railed against special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia's cryptocurrency-financed effort to disrupt the 2016 presidential race, and the FBI arrested a Russian national who allegedly used the NRA to build ties among conservatives and Republicans.”


The right sees the policy change as a victory for privacy and free speech.

The right sees the policy change as a victory for privacy and free speech.

“Free speech, even unpopular speech, is a basic freedom that is supposed to be enjoyed by all Americans. Yesterday, that freedom became just a little bit more secure.”


“Donor names are supposed to remain private, but the government has inadvertently revealed donor lists. IRS employees also used donor-information demands as part of their harassment of Tea Party organizations during the Obama Administration. State Attorneys General have even sought to require nonprofits to release Schedule B details… with a goal of requiring public disclosure that could tee up donors for political harassment.”

Wall Street Journal

On the bright side...

Chicago is now spreading anti-ketchup propaganda on expressways.

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