August 21, 2018

Rubio Introduces Paid Family Leave

Earlier this month, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced the “Economic Security for New Parents Act.” If passed, the bill would provide parents with paid parental leave by allowing them to defer social security retirement benefits. (

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The left applauds the right for taking positive steps toward paid family leave, but is highly critical of the specifics of Rubio’s plan.

“Paid family leave has become bipartisan. Unfortunately, smart policy design has not. Instead of creating a new, desperately needed benefit, Mr. Rubio’s bill would make parents cash in their retirement to take care of their children today.”

The New York Times

“It’s already hard enough for young people, such as most new parents, to plan for retirement. By some estimates, more than four in every six households are already on track to run short. Rubio’s method would be a deceptively tempting deal with a harmful long-term price that would increase with each additional child.”

Sun Sentinel

The right supports the plan as a way to provide paid leave without adding to government spending.

The right supports the plan as a way to provide paid leave without adding to government spending.

“The New Parents Act is a smart proposal. It’s not a tax increase. It’s not a new entitlement... The only way to fix Social Security without significant, unpopular structural changes is to address economic growth and population growth... By easing new parents’ financial anxiety and giving them an economically viable way to grow their families, the New Parents Act will help support tomorrow’s retirees.”

The Federalist

“Proposals to force businesses to offer a paid family leave benefit would impose costs that would show up elsewhere

likely in the form of higher prices or lower base salaries). On the other hand, leaving the government to subsidize parental leave would require an expensive new entitlement program... Providing new parents with meaningful assistance in raising children at the expense of a few weeks’ delay in receiving retirement benefits is a more than worthwhile trade.”

Washington Examiner

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