July 11, 2018

Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

, seeking to build support among lawmakers in what promises to be a contentious confirmation battle with Democrats.” (Reuters)

Lawmakers are scrutinizing Kavanaugh on issues such as the Second Amendment,

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The left is generally decrying the nomination.

“Senate Democrats need to use the confirmation process to explain to Americans how their Constitution is about to be hijacked by a small group of conservative radicals well funded by ideological and corporate interests, and what that means in terms of the rights they will lose and the laws that will be invalidated over the next several decades.”

New York Times

The right is fully supportive of Kavanaugh.

The right is fully supportive of Kavanaugh.

“As a judge in the highest-profile appeals court in the nation, he has shown an exemplary dedication to the rule of law. He has defended the separation of powers against threats coming from multiple directions. He has repeatedly cautioned his colleagues on the bench not to attempt to play a legislative role. He has also insisted on enforcing constitutional structures of accountability on government agencies.”

National Review

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