August 30, 2018

Tuesday’s Primaries

.” (AP News)

Also on Tuesday, “
... setting up a November contest with Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema.” (AP News)

In addition, “DeSantis came under fire on Wednesday when the President Trump-backed Florida gubernatorial candidate

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The left is glad that the far-right candidates lost the GOP primary in Arizona, and is cheering Gillum’s win in Florida.

“The rejection of [former Sheriff Joe] Arpaio and Ward by Republican primary voters, who have been willing to support a lot of candidates who promised outrage and little else, is noteworthy.”


“Arizona Republicans will march to November with the Senate nominee Martha McSally—a congresswoman who is Trump-lite, having declined to support him in 2016—and Arpaio will go to history’s dustbin, to the way of all rulers who outlive their moment.”

The Atlantic

“[Gillum’s] willingness to federalize the race by running on contentious national issues, rather than the nuts and bolts of state governance, may be the only way to energize Democratic base voters, who seem to only show up in Florida when the presidency is on the line. Democratic turnout on Tuesday was nearly twice what it was for the primary in 2014 and previous non-presidential years, although more Republicans still voted overall.”

The Atlantic

“Notably, Gillum’s winning coalition — black voters, young voters, Hispanic voters, and white progressives — last together voted for Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012. Gillum's election makes him a star who black Democrats, young voters, and Bernie-wing progressives can get behind.”


Some claim “the fact that the political class viewed Gillum’s bid as ‘impossible’ says far more about how deeply they underestimate young voters and voters of color than about his actual viability.”

The Nation

“Gillum was outspent by a factor of five by the establishment favorite in the race, Gwen Graham, but still won.”

The Intercept

Others argue that “the ‘Gillum beats the establishment’ storylines are creating a false narrative... a cross-party spectrum of Resistance groups backed Gillum, but the media wants to give all credit to Sanders. Somehow, they are managing to frame his win as divisive, when in fact it holds the promise of ending the unnecessary schism between ‘identity politics’ and ‘economic progressivism.’”

The Nation

The right is encouraged by the results in both Arizona and Florida, which showed strong GOP turnout.

The right is encouraged by the results in both Arizona and Florida, which showed strong GOP turnout.

“Looking at the Florida vote totals... it seems it is the Democrats who are lagging in the increasingly pivotal state. The total Democratic vote was just over 1.5 million, while more than 1.6 million people turned out to vote for Republican candidates. If Gillum becomes a drag on the Democratic ticket because of his far-left positions, he could end up presiding over a debacle in the fall that has national implications.”

Fox News) 

“When you spread the battlefield out so that money and media can’t swamp one congressional district, Democrat intensity doesn’t seem to exist outside of opinion polls. In both Florida and Arizona, GOP turnout led Democrat by four points... The GOP faces a tough 2018... But,
if AZ and FL are any guide, 2018 will [be] closer to a typical mid-term than it will be to a wave election like 2006 or 2010.”


“As with many ‘Tea Party’ candidates who snagged unexpected nominations in Republican primaries back in the early 2010's, more radical candidates seldom fare well in a general election, and Gillum's win puts Democrats in a difficult position going into Florida's November election... he's staunchly and unabashedly in favor of enacting single-payer health care, raising the minimum wage to more than $15 per hour, hiking Florida's corporate income tax, abolishing ICE... and impeaching President Donald Trump.”

Daily Wire) 

Regarding Arizona, “the conventional wisdom, with which I don’t quarrel, is that McSally gives the GOP a much better chance of holding the Arizona seat than her main rival, Kelli Ward, would have.
But it won’t be clear skies for McSally. Her appeal to moderates vastly exceeds that of Dr. Ward, but she will need strong support from the Trumpian base.”

Powerline Blog) 

“Pundits are fascinated by the possibility of an anti-Trump backlash in the GOP, whether it comes from libertarians or mavericks or neoconservatives. But there are few indications that such a backlash has any purchase with voters, and many signs that voters want the Republican Party to be the party of Trump. The outcome of Tuesday’s primaries only reinforces that conclusion. When it comes to command of the GOP,
Donald Trump is simply mopping up what’s left of his enemies.”


Regarding DeSantis’s comment, “the offending word, of course, is monkey, used in a common expression as a verb meaning to mess something up. I’m sure if DeSantis had it to say over again, he’d simply say ‘mess it up,’ not because there’s anything wrong with the way he put it, but because our political culture is so insane.
There was nothing racist in content or intent in his statement and this episode says more about DeSantis’s detractors than him.”

National Review


On the bright side... 

Oreo released

On the bright side...

Oreo released hot wings & wasabi flavors — yes, seriously.


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