August 16, 2018

Tuesday’s Primaries

showed a diverse crop of candidates succeeding in Democratic primaries, while critics of President Trump faltered in Republican primaries. (FiveThirtyEight)

The left and the right agree that once again, Trump proved the GOP is now his party:

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The left is hopeful about a blue wave, while acknowledging that the path will be tricky.

“Eschewing a national strategy, Democrats are betting on a hodgepodge message winning the midterms. While Democrats are hoping for a blue wave to help take back the House of Representative in the fall, they have decided on a risky strategy that goes against the grain of how previous wave elections have been won... let individual candidates set their own agenda.”

New Republic

“Across the country, Democrats will rely on their energized base and a loose message centered on a core promise of lowering health care costs and building a case that Republicans are using the government for their own advancement, which candidates are adapting as they see fit. If they are going to have a ‘blue wave,’ Democrats say, it is going to come in varied hues.”

New York Times

Democrats are “committed to creating a Congress that actually looks like America... Republicans in recent years have deftly used the backlash to demographic change to gain and hold power. That doesn’t show any signs of changing. But a couple of big losses — in 2018 and 2020, say — might lead them to conclude that the strategy has played itself out.”

Washington Post

The right is divided about its prospects in November.

The right is divided about its prospects in November.

“Democratic turnout [in Minnesota] swamped Republican turnout. In the governor’s race on the [Democratic] side, 547,664 votes were cast. In the Republican primary, only 296,213 votes were cast. That is a stunning disparity... To put it mildly, this does not bode well in an increasingly important swing state.”

Power Line

“The difference in enthusiasm may be enough to boost the Democrats in their bid to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives by a narrow margin. But it probably isn’t enough to make Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., leader of the Senate majority. And it probably won’t change in any appreciable way the GOP’s hold on governorships and state legislative chambers...


Fox News

“Despite Mr. Trump’s growing popularity, Democrats can’t seem to accept that relying on a simple anti-Trump message — without one of their own — is as counter-productive now as it was during the 2016 campaign… Mr. Trump, a man [Democrats] despise… has not only survived — he’s thrived.”

Washington Times

On the bright side...

“Bears are doing it all this summer. They've been caught jumping into pools, sneaking sips of margaritas in hot tubs, and now they're going on liquor runs.”


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