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“Love the ‘Week in Review’!”

I sometimes don’t get to read the daily emails and feel the pressure of deleting it or holding onto it for another day. With the weekly review, I can always check back on the weekend. Great work.

“LOVE these Deep Dives.”

After loving the weekly recaps, I now LOVE these deep dives. A group of friends and I try to have very nuanced conversations about tough topics as practice for real world discussions and stuff like this is extremely helpful! We had a conversation around abortion a while back actually and could have used foundational information like this.

“Truly wonderful to be able to have these reasoned discussions”

I am so excited that you have implemented this Forum! I’ve been using it for the past few weeks, and it’s truly wonderful to be able to have these reasoned discussions with others who are as passionate about improving our systems as I am.

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