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The Flip Side makes understanding political perspectives easier than ever. In this critical time, finding information both sides can trust can feel nearly impossible. Our team cuts through the noise and shares informed, nuanced perspectives from multiple publications and multiple sides — all in one snapshot.

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Our goal is for our content to never depend solely on advertisers. Reader contributions incentivize the editorial team to serve readers first, and prioritize quality content over clickbait. Our long-term vision is for readers to sustain the editorial team directly. It’s a tall goal, and one we may not achieve in the current media environment, but it’s what we’ll keep fighting for.
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We will never become clickbait. Sensationalist headlines continue to infect our political discourse. We want our editorial team to be incentivized to deliver quality, not clickbait, and to continue highlighting good journalism. In 2024, this will be an especially important goal.
We will continue to spread knowledge and understanding—before fear, assumptions, or anger. There are millions of voters in the country. And most of our neighbors, especially in a polarized climate, live in complete isolation of each other. Many stick to the same media sources and don’t want to hear anything the other side has to say—and it’s only getting worse. The Flip Side provides a way for the average person to get a nuanced snapshot of multiple perspectives, without the immediate conflict or judgment from peers that can cause further polarization, or the need to scour the news for hours.
We’re in it for the long haul. Regardless of the outcome of the 2024 presidential election, polarization unfortunately seems here to stay. So does the precarious nature of the media environment. Nearly every publication is putting up a paywall or asking for reader donations just to break even. We know our fate might be similar. But because we’re a young startup, we can get ahead of this by starting now and building a transparent, reader-first culture.
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If every subscriber today contributed just $5/month, we can achieve a self-sustaining editorial team and not be run solely by advertisers.

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“I am a political commentator with a liberal point of view. But I really appreciate reading what the smart persuasive voices across the political spectrum are saying about the toughest issues we face. I donate because it’s important that citizens understand issues from all angles. The Flip Side is a terrific resource—and fun to read.”
- Richard, California
"Each morning, The Flip Side is my first and most important news source. If all Americans understood the arguments of the opposing side, our public discourse would benefit, and we would enhance our ability to empathize with our fellow citizens. All who agree should support The Flip Side.”
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