March 3, 2021

Andrew Cuomo Accused

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo acknowledged for the first time Sunday that some of his behavior with women ‘may have been insensitive or too personal,’ and said he would cooperate with a sexual harassment investigation led by the state’s attorney general.” AP News

On Monday, the New York Times reported an allegation that Cuomo had behaved inappropriately at a wedding reception in 2019; this “comes after two former aides accused Mr. Cuomo of sexual harassment in the workplace.” New York Times

“Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie announced Tuesday that the Legislature will pass legislation repealing the temporary emergency powers that were granted to the governor last year at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.” ABC 7

Both sides condemn Cuomo’s alleged behavior:

“There are now three credible allegations of unwanted, persistent advances by Gov. Andrew Cuomo against women young enough to be his daughter. Two of them were his subordinates. He appears to be exactly the sort of creep whose behavior the #MeToo movement was designed to address…

“That Cuomo hasn't been accused of raping anyone is still not a defense for his being allowed in polite society. And no, a dumb teenager trying to force a drunken kiss on a stranger wouldn't be worthy of calling for their resignation years after the fact, but Cuomo is the governor of the fourth-most populous state and has young daughters of his own. If he found out that one of his own daughters' bosses was behaving as he does, do you think he wouldn't want some action taken?”
Tiana Lowe, Washington Examiner

“In [his] statement, Cuomo asserts that his behavior was well-intentioned and merely socially clumsy, casting himself in the role of the affable but incompetent man who harasses women by accident – a trope that the writer Lili Loofbourow has identified as ‘the myth of the male bumbler’. But this version of events strains credulity, if for no other reason than that it undersells Cuomo’s own skills. As a politician with a long career in the public eye, the governor is adept at tailoring his own message and anticipating how it will be received…

“Cuomo says that he ‘never intended’ to make inappropriate or sexual suggestions to the women. He says they ‘misinterpreted’ him. This framing says that it was not the governor’s behavior that was wrong – that it wasn’t wrong of him, say, to suggest strip poker or to ask his 25-year-old executive assistant if she slept with older men – but rather that the women were wrong to interpret these words as sexual… The idea that Cuomo could be so perceptive regarding how he was perceived on TV, but so oblivious as to how he was perceived by his own staffers, is outlandish and far-fetched.”
Moira Donegan, The Guardian

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