October 25, 2021

Biden’s Town Hall

Last Thursday, President Joe Biden participated in a CNN Town Hall where he discussed a range of domestic and foreign policy topics. YouTube

“President Joe Biden said Thursday the US was committed to coming to Taiwan's defense if it comes under attack from China -- a stance that seems in opposition to America's stated policy of ‘strategic ambiguity.’ Asked twice during CNN's town hall whether the US would protect Taiwan if China attacked, Biden said it would. ‘Yes, we have a commitment to do that,’ he said…

“A White House official attempted to clarify Biden's comments on Taiwan after the town hall, saying the President was ‘not announcing any change in our policy and there is no change in our policy’ in his remarks about China and Taiwan.” CNN

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From the Right

The right is generally critical of Biden’s performance and lack of media interviews.

From the Left

The left generally approves of Biden’s performance.

The left generally approves of Biden’s performance.

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