January 11, 2022

CDC Guidance

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [last] Tuesday explained the scientific rationale for shortening its COVID-19 isolation and quarantine recommendations [from 10 days to 5], and clarified that the guidance applies to kids as well as adults. The CDC also maintained that, for people who catch COVID-19, testing is not required to emerge from five days of isolation — despite hints from other federal officials that the agency was reconsidering that.” AP News

“The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took a calculated gamble [last] Friday as she sought to assume greater control over confused public health messaging about the coronavirus as the pandemic enters its third year. Rochelle Walensky held her first solo covid-19 news conference since becoming the chief of the public health agency nearly a year ago, vowing that it would be ‘the first of many.’” Washington Post

Many on both sides criticize the administration for a lack of transparency and available tests:

“The reduction makes some sense: In recent weeks, a number of public health leaders have suggested that 10 days of isolation was excessive, especially for the vaccinated, and that the wait time could perhaps be cut by half given a negative test. Other countries have taken a similar approach; in England, for instance, individuals only have to isolate for seven days if they come up negative on consecutive rapid antigen tests. The key in those arguments and policies, though, is the negative test. The CDC’s new guidance, in contrast, does not recommend a test before exiting isolation…

“Given how weak the CDC’s arguments are, it’s hard not to suspect that the real reason it opted not to recommend taking a rapid antigen test is that the kits are simply too hard to find in the U.S. right now. Walensky has denied this: ‘This really had nothing to do with supply. It had everything to do with knowing what to do with the information when we got it,’ she told CBS. But it makes vastly more sense than the official explanation, which is that U.S. health authorities have decided every other country is wrong and rapid testing just isn’t that useful for figuring out whether someone might still be capable of spreading the plague after five days at home.”
Jordan Weissmann, Slate

“This is not just a ‘messaging’ issue. It’s a performance issue. The CDC has failed to produce the tests needed to manage variant waves despite a year of promises from the Biden administration that they would prioritize production. The CDC changes its guidances not on ‘fast-moving science’ but quite obviously in reaction to the political environment. When they haven’t offered ‘noble lies,’ they have taken their eyes off the ball in data management that could offer real-time assessments of variant-wave impacts.”
Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

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