November 10, 2020

COVID Vaccine

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“Pfizer Inc. said Monday that its COVID-19 vaccine may be a remarkable 90% effective.” AP News

Also on Monday, “[Joe Biden] named the members of a team of public health and science experts to develop a blueprint for fighting the coronavirus.” AP News

Both sides are encouraged that an effective vaccine may soon be available:

“The good news about the success shown in the Pfizer vaccine data is just the boost our spirits need… We still have some months to go but there may be a light at the end of this nightmare and that is something we can all embrace. All of the 44,000 clinical trial participants for the Pfizer vaccine across the globe must be pleased today.”
Karen Townsend, Hot Air

It's fantastic news and a historic scientific accomplishment. Not only do we have the first effective vaccine, but the data also looks robust. Instead of evaluating the shot at the first possible moment, Pfizer waited for more data, which gives weight to the impressive results. There are still unknowns about the vaccine, and with limited supplies available until next year and two shots needed to complete treatment, it won't end a rampant pandemic overnight. The news does, however, substantially boost the chances of a quicker and easier resolution.”
Max Nisen, Bloomberg

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