October 15, 2021

Dave Chappelle

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“[Netflix] is now in an uproar as employees challenge the executives responsible for its success and accuse the streaming service of facilitating the spread of hate speech and perhaps inciting violence. At the center of the unrest is ‘The Closer,’ the much-anticipated special from the Emmy-winning comedian Dave Chappelle, which debuted on Oct. 5 and was the fourth-most-watched program on Netflix in the United States on Thursday. In the show, Mr. Chappelle comments mockingly on transgender people and aligns himself with the author J.K. Rowling as ‘Team TERF,’ an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, a term used for a group of people who argue that a transgender woman’s biological sex determines her gender and can’t be changed.” New York Times

“A top Netflix executive said Dave Chappelle’s special ‘The Closer’ doesn’t cross ‘the line on hate’ and will remain on the streaming service despite fallout over the comedian’s remarks about the transgender community. In an internal memo, co-CEO Ted Sarandos told managers that ‘some talent’ may join third parties in calling for the show’s removal, adding, ‘which we are not going to do.’” AP News

Here are more details about what Chappelle said. Newsweek

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From the Right

The right defends Chappelle’s comments, arguing that many people share his views, and criticizes cancel culture.

From the Left

The left criticizes Chappelle, arguing that his comments are transphobic and pit minority groups against each other.

The left criticizes Chappelle, arguing that his comments are transphobic and pit minority groups against each other.

A libertarian's take

“Well-adjusted adults should be able to coexist in a world with people who don't share their tastes, morals, sensibilities, and convictions. They ought to be able to work for a company that platforms content that does not conform to their own personal sense of what is worthy or even prudent. You will not break, or be mowed down in the streets, simply because Chappelle said transgressive things in a Netflix special; the supposition that our world works that way is unfounded…

“Surprising no one, Chappelle—the man who once dreamed up Clayton Bigsby, a blind white supremacist who doesn't realize he's black—failed to make an adequately sensitive special, and he failed to make one that pleased or mollified critics. But he succeeded at making a special that was both funny and tender, if only people would stop chattering about his purported sins long enough to listen.”
Liz Wolfe, Reason

On the bright side...

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