November 9, 2022

Day After Election Day

The people voted! Now we wait for the votes to be counted, which could take a while. As we noted yesterday, with our country so deeply divided, half of our readers are going to be disappointed, upset, or even scared regardless of which party ultimately wins. There’ll be plenty of time for commentary when the dust settles and emotions have subsided. We’ll resume our regular coverage with (hopefully!) preliminary results tomorrow morning.

Want to track the results as they come in?

New York Times: The Needle

Fox News: 2022 Midterm Election Results

If (like us) you’re impatient and want more on the election, here are a few interesting pieces:

When We Can Expect Election Results

Why Is America Always Divided 50–50?

Why Wall Street Loves Gridlock in Washington

TED-Ed: Do politics make us irrational?

Some resources explaining our deep divides:

TED Talk: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Hidden Tribes of America

How Americans Misunderstand Each Other

Organizations working to bridge the divides:

Braver Angels

Better Arguments Project

Citizen University

Conversation Café

Living Room Conversations

And for those of you who want a break from politics, here are a few recommendations from our team:

The Midnight Gospel (Netflix)

Netflix likes to describe things as “offbeat,” but The Midnight Gospel gives the term new meaning. Created by comedian Duncan Trussell and Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, this adult cartoon is part sci-fi adventure and part podcast, where audio recordings of Trussell’s podcast conversations are paired with wild animated exploits. Trussell’s musings range from hilariously absurd to downright profound. The Midnight Gospel offers silly entertainment alongside some deeply thought-provoking discussions. What’s not to like?- Spenser Dopp

Helmet for My Pillow: From Parris Island to the Pacific, by Robert Leckie (Amazon, Bookshop)

The inspiration for HBO’s The Pacific, this memoir is a brilliantly entertaining account of the marine infantry experience during World War II. Leckie, a former reporter, lives up to his own description as a “raggedy ass marine”. His romp through the Pacific includes antics such as jumping through a window to escape while AWOL in Australia and stealing cigars from a general’s tent, but doesn’t shy away from the brutal reality of island combat. It’s particularly poignant given the war in Ukraine.- Jihan Varisco

99% Invisible (Podcast)

This narrative podcast draws listeners close to a humble object or design to reveal a deeper history and social meaning that shapes our world. One week, you might hear about how the 1880s butter lobby succeeded in mandating that margarine be dyed pink to make it more unattractive, a mandate that lasted all the way through the 1960s in some places. The next week examines the "Dinosaur Renaissance" of the 1970s, which marked the shift in the popular understanding of dinosaurs from slow and stupid to intelligent and bird-like. Spend enough time in their archives and you'll know you've reached a new level of awareness when you find yourself pondering the cultural and social customs that went into designing your chair and wondering how it influences your everyday behavior.- Monica Felix

Finally, here are some cute puppies.

Thanks for being with us. We'll see you tomorrow on the flip side!

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