August 24, 2021

Dems’ Legislative Strategy

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“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and a group of centrist House Democrats worked to break a deadlock Monday night over the party’s legislative strategy, as leaders tried to unify the party’s rival wings. The fight centers on Democratic leaders’ plans to yoke together two pieces of legislation: a roughly $1 trillion infrastructure bill that the Senate passed earlier this month with bipartisan support and a $3.5 trillion package of healthcare, education and climate policies that lacks GOP backing and could take months to complete…

“Earlier this month, the group of nine centrists said they would vote against the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint—the first step toward advancing the broader budget bill—unless the House votes first on the infrastructure package, sending it to President Biden’s desk. Meanwhile, liberal Democrats have promised to oppose the infrastructure package unless it comes up after the Senate has passed the $3.5 trillion budget package, a move they see as a way to pressure centrists to support the budget legislation.” Wall Street Journal

On Sunday, the nine centrist House Democrats argued in the Washington Post that the House should immediately pass the infrastructure bill and then consider the reconciliation package. Washington Post

Here’s our recent coverage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The Flip Side

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From the Right

The right is supportive of the centrist Democrats and opposes the reconciliation bill.

From the Left

The left is supportive of Pelosi’s strategy and urges her to do whatever it takes to preserve both bills.

The left is supportive of Pelosi’s strategy and urges her to do whatever it takes to preserve both bills.

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