November 17, 2023

George Santos

Embattled Republican U.S. Representative George Santos said on Thursday he will not run for re-election in an announcement made shortly after the release of a scathing report by fellow lawmakers that referred more ‘uncharged and unlawful conduct’ to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution…

“Santos, 35, previously pleaded not guilty to federal charges of laundering campaign funds to pay for personal expenses and charging the credit cards of donors without permission… Santos survived an expulsion vote on Nov. 1. The ethics panel's Republican chairman, Representative Michael Guest, intends to file a fresh expulsion motion.” Reuters

Many on both sides call for Santos to be expelled from the House:

“Expulsion from the House is a drastic measure, one the Constitution wisely requires be accomplished by a two-thirds majority. The House has resorted to that step just five times — ousting three members for joining the Confederacy and, more recently, two others who were convicted of criminal offenses. So, it was understandable earlier this month that lawmakers of both parties balked at voting to expel Santos…

“[But] Santos has had all the process he is due — and all the donor-financed Botox he deserves. With the release by the House Ethics Committee of a damning report that offered new details about Santos’s endless lies and sordid self-dealing, the New York Republican must be expelled as soon as possible. Santos poses a test that even this House should be able to summon the will to pass, and his belated declaration that he will not seek election to a second term is entirely inadequate to the appalling circumstances of his conduct.”

Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

“Yes, everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence in a court of law, but when a lawmaker is proven to be a shameless, notorious, and perhaps even pathological liar, the public and other lawmakers are no longer required to give him the benefit of the doubt on accusations of fraud…

“Apparently the Ethics Committee report is adding new fuel to another effort to expel Santos from the House. It would require a two-thirds majority to dismiss Santos. While House Republicans would have a slightly smaller majority until a special election is held, I think it’s worth it to be rid of the perpetual embarrassment of Santos.”

Jim Geraghty, National Review

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