January 28, 2022

Glenn Youngkin

Republican Glenn Youngkin began his term as governor of Virginia on [January 15] with executive actions that tackle education and the COVID-19 pandemic, including a ban on critical race theory in public schools and a lifting of school mask requirements.” CBS News

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin [is] facing a new legal challenge over his executive action that aimed to let parents opt out of school mask mandates as his order took effect Monday but was ignored by some districts. Youngkin issued the order as one of his first acts after being sworn in as governor Jan. 15… On Monday, some students reporting to class ignored local mandates and went maskless. But there were no reports of major issues or violent confrontations. With the order facing a legal challenge filed last week [by] a group of parents and another filed Monday morning by seven school boards, Youngkin urged patience and asked parents to listen to their children’s school principals for the time being.” AP News

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From the Right

The right praises Youngkin’s actions so far.

From the Left

The left is critical of Youngkin’s actions so far.

The left is critical of Youngkin’s actions so far.

On the bright side...

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