October 20, 2022

Kari Lake

“The Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC) pulled the plug on its televised interview with Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake after Arizona PBS unilaterally scheduled a separate interview with Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs, despite her refusal to participate in a debate… CCEC announced that it would postpone the Lake interview. CCEC officials noted that they had already rejected a proposal by Hobbs to change the debate to a town hall-style event in which each candidate would be interviewed separately.” Axios

Many on both sides criticize Hobbs for refusing to debate:

“[The] decision to run comes with an expectation that you will square off against your opponent – that you will lay out your policies and defend them. That you will show up and show us exactly why your hard-right opponent would be a disaster for Arizona. At a time when democracy is under attack, who better than Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to authoritatively debunk the centerpiece of Lake’s campaign, her evidence-free claim of a stolen election?…

While Lake revs up an already energized base, Hobbs has often seemed invisible to the independents and moderate Republican women she will need if she wants to win this election. She’s got to give them a reason to want to turn out and vote for her. Facing Lake on Wednesday would have been her chance to do just that. Instead, the story is all once again all about her refusal to face her opponent. Hobbs isn’t just letting down Democrats; she may well be letting down Arizona.”
Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic

“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Katie Hobbs running like a frightened sheep. During a town hall last week, Hobbs refused to take the stage until Lake had been escorted from the building. She didn’t even have enough spine to speak to the moderators in front of an audience if her opponent was even within eyesight…

“Voters have questions. Kari Lake shows up and answers those questions whenever she’s given the opportunity, from both liberal and conservative outlets alike. Katie Hobbs remains hidden as much as possible and dodges many questions. Voters elect governors to not only lead their state but to fight for them when it comes to seeking federal resources and defending the actions of the state. Particularly in the current era, a milquetoast leader likely won’t sell as well as a fighter. It shouldn’t be hard to see which of these candidates is which.”
Jazz Shaw, Hot Air

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