September 27, 2018

Midterms in Light of Kavanaugh

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused him of sexual assault, will testify at a high-stakes Senate hearing on Thursday. Many predict that the hearing and the outcome of the nomination will impact the upcoming midterm elections. Reuters

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From the Left

The left predicts a backlash against Republicans among women resulting from the Kavanaugh debacle.

“Kavanaugh’s nomination threatens to exacerbate the already-yawning gender gap in this fall’s midterm elections."


“Republicans have feared that if they don’t confirm Kavanaugh, they will depress turnout among their base supporters. But elevating him to the Supreme Court amid these allegations risks compounding their problems with the female voters already most hostile to Trump...

The fierce recoil from Trump among college-educated white women is the single greatest source of Republican vulnerability in House races this year; if the party’s defenses among blue-collar white women also crack, a difficult election night could turn disastrous.”

The Atlantic

“For some US conservatives – especially anti-abortion Christian conservatives – that seat on the highest court is so valuable, they are ready to risk Republican control of the senate to win it... So, yes, televised hearings like tomorrow’s are a nightmare for Republican electoral strategists looking to November. But the wider American right is keeping its eye on a bigger prize."

The Guardian

Minority view: “Democratic enthusiasm is a given at this point... Republicans are banking on their older, whiter, conservative base to show up as they usually do — and those voters want their Supreme Court justices."


From the Right

The right predicts that the Kavanaugh fight will energize GOP voters, but only if GOP leaders do not back down.

The right predicts that the Kavanaugh fight will energize GOP voters, but only if GOP leaders do not back down.

“Democrats seem to underestimate just how significant an impact Kavanaugh could have on midterms — for Republican turnout... [Republicans] see a decent man, who was investigated six times by the FBI already for other appointments, being tarred and feathered over uncorroborated accusations from decades ago...

It could also drive independents who think that weaponizing #MeToo for political gain is craven, who believe due process is important, who believe there shouldn’t be different standards based on party affiliation.”

Chicago Sun Times

Democrats have put all their eggs inside Ford’s basket. If her story falters, it will reflect on them and their awful handling of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. This is something voters will not forget by November, and that ‘blue wave’ many are expecting could evaporate because of it."

The Federalist

But Republican voters “are prepared to release most of their rage over any Kavanaugh defeat on the Republican Party. One of their abiding complaints is that GOP politicians too easily succumb to liberal tactics... Among the reasons base Republicans lag Democrats in enthusiasm for this election is bitterness that the GOP failed in core promises to repeal ObamaCare and to restrain spending. A blown Supreme Court nominee would make matters far worse."

Wall Street Journal

'Mate, what just happened?' Seal slaps kayaker in face with octopus.

The Guardian

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