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So what do you do?

We summarize the most prevalent viewpoints from the left and the right on trending topics. Our emails, sent Mon – Fri mornings, are typically a 5-min read.

How do you decide on the content?

Every day, our determined editorial team combs through dozens of sources – left, right, and center. We choose one or two of the biggest political issues, and select the most thoughtful and well-articulated materials to summarize. We are curators, NOT commentators. We don’t editorialize – we gather op-eds and commentaries from other outlets on both sides of the issue, and let them speak for themselves.

Cool. So who’s on the editorial team?

Our editorial team consists of staunch conservatives, far-left liberals, and those in between.

We are united by the belief that the status quo of liberals and conservatives living in two different media worlds cannot continue. According to The Pew Research Center, the only media outlet trusted by people across the political spectrum is The Wall Street Journal; liberals don’t trust Fox News or Breitbart, and conservatives don’t trust MSNBC or The New York Times.

We also share the (increasingly rare) belief that conservatives, liberals, tea-partyers, Bernie bros, all have valid arguments. We may not always agree with those arguments, but everyone deserves to be heard.

Why should I trust you? Who are you to decide what’s valid?

Absolute nobodies. We’re regular people (okay, news junkies) who struggle every day to decide what to include and what not to include.

Our yardstick is this:

1. Is this viewpoint shared by a meaningful portion of liberals / conservatives?

2. Given the viewpoint, which article/quote is the most likely to make people think, “Huh, I hadn’t thought about that” or “Oh, I see why people are saying this.” If you have an algorithm for all that, give us a shout!

I’m not a news junkie. Will I know what’s going on?

Absolutely – you’re our “target demographic”! We write for the average person who wants to escape their filter bubble, but does not have the time/desire to read 20 op-eds a day.

How can I support The Flip Side?

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I want to share The Flip Side with people! Do you have a referral program?

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What’s so darn special about The Flip Side?

  • Smart + short + bipartisan
  • Our bear is cool (monocles are making a comeback – you heard it here first!)
  • We always have a funny, non-political news story at the end

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