March 22, 2024

Minority Voters

A recent column in the Financial Times argued that “American politics is undergoing a racial realignment” citing polling indicating that “Democrats’ advantage among Black, Latino and Asian voters [is] at its lowest since 1960.” Financial Times

Both sides argue that economic and cultural factors may be driving minority voters away from the Democratic Party:

“[Liberal strategist Ruy] Teixeira pointed to recent experience as the most plausible explanation for why more Hispanics were eyeing the GOP in 2024. ‘Frankly, the Trump years prior to the pandemic were actually relatively better for working-class voters, including nonwhites, than the first three years of the Biden administration.’…

“He speculated that the Democrats’ cultural lurch to the left since the Obama era has also hurt the party’s standing with Latinos. Democrats are preoccupied with the concerns of white college-educated elites, which explains the Biden administration’s inaction on illegal immigration as well as its progressive posturing on race, gender, sex education, policing and climate change.”
Jason L. Riley, Wall Street Journal

“There is evidence that a substantial share of Black, Hispanic and other voters from multiracial, multiethnic backgrounds oppose some elements of the Democrats’ liberal social and cultural agenda. A Jan. 22 to 27 YouGov survey, for example, asked whether it was ‘morally acceptable or wrong to have a sexual relationship with someone of the same gender?’ Forty-four percent of Black voters answered ‘morally wrong,’ and 17 percent said ‘morally acceptable.’…

“The same question was posed on the issue of identifying ‘with a gender different from the gender assigned at birth.’ A plurality of Black voters said it was morally wrong, 39 to 13 percent, and Hispanics agreed, 30 to 15 percent.”
Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times

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