February 23, 2021

Neera Tanden

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“President Joe Biden’s nomination of Neera Tanden to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget was thrown into doubt Monday as key moderate Republican senators said they would vote against confirming her… Republican senators have griped about Tanden’s ‘harsh criticism’ and ‘personal attacks’ in her tweets, such as calling Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas ‘a fraud’ and saying ‘vampires have more heart’ than Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas… [last Friday] Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia became the first Democratic lawmaker to oppose the confirmation of Tanden.” AP News

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From the Right

The right is generally critical of Tanden.

From the Left

The left accuses the Senators opposing Tanden of hypocrisy.

The left accuses the Senators opposing Tanden of hypocrisy.

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