January 24, 2024

New Hampshire Primary

Donald Trump cruised to victory in New Hampshire's Republican presidential contest on Tuesday, marching closer to a November rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden even as his only remaining rival, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, vowed to soldier on… Trump became the first Republican to sweep competitive votes in both Iowa - where he won by a record-setting margin eight days ago - and New Hampshire since 1976, when the two states cemented their status as the first nominating contests.” Reuters

Both sides agree that Trump will almost certainly be the Republican nominee:

“Early exit polls showed that nearly half of the voters who made up the state’s GOP primary electorate weren’t registered Republicans, and 6 percent of the voters personally identified as Democrats. The electorate was also more educated, libertarian and pro-abortion-rights than that of virtually any other significant GOP contest…

“If there was one state that appeared winnable for someone not named Trump, it was New Hampshire for Haley. And while she appears to have over-performed some late polling, she came up well short of a good argument for how this race might be competitive.”

Aaron Blake, Washington Post

“Chris Christie was mostly right. Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley didn't get ‘smoked’ in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, but she didn't really come close to winning and her campaign won't last much longer as a result…

“The party's voters have spoken. They want Trump to be their nominee and they seem pretty pumped up about the general election. Typically when a party is out of power and preparing to take on an incumbent president, the primary contest can get nasty and divisive. Republicans won't have that problem in 2024. Roughly 80 percent of GOP voters have a favorable opinion of Trump, which is in line with how Democrats feel about Biden.”

Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon

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