October 10, 2018

Nikki Haley Resigns

“Nikki Haley, a rising Republican star, said on Tuesday she was stepping down as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, but knocked down speculation that she might challenge President Donald Trump at the next election.”


Many on both the left and the right are surprised and saddened, offering praise for Haley:

  • “Nikki Haley was a stellar ambassador to the United Nations, and replacing her will not be easy… Haley saw that American interests are best served by partnerships. Building strong personal relationships with allied, neutral, and even adversarial ambassadors, she made the U.S. a dealmaker and broker at the international table. On North Korea, Haley was able to fortify international will around perhaps the most stringent sanctions regime ever enforced.” Washington Examiner
  • “Since arriving in New York in January 2017, Haley has impressed other ambassadors as a tough-minded and politically savvy operator… her ambassadorship has been a diplomatic juggling act. Haley has tried to speak forcefully for the U.S. about Israel and Iran but also maintain decent working relations with other nations in the Security Council… The U.N., and U.S., may soon come to miss her.” Politico

Many on both sides also think Haley’s return to politics is inevitable, given her political savvy and broad appeal:

  • “Whatever one thinks of Haley’s job performance substantively, there’s no doubt that it was brilliant politically… An April 2018 poll from Quinnipiac, for example, found that Haley had a 75-9 approval rating among Republicans — and a 55-23 rating among Democrats. In these polarized times, the idea that one of Trump’s top allies could maintain such high favorables among both parties beggars belief, yet Haley managed to pull it off.” Vox
  • Haley “accomplished all that she needed to by being U.N. Ambassador. First, she gained foreign policy credentials, which is usually the biggest obstacle that governors face when running for president. Second, she mended fences with the dominant Trump wing of the party, after having been harshly critical during 2016… the move sets her up nicely to run against Vice President Mike Pence in 2024.” Washington Examiner

Other opinions below.

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From the Left

“Nikki Haley’s concern for human rights only went so far... while her predecessors merely threatened international organizations when they appeared to act against U.S. interests, Haley not only acted but made clear that U.S. foreign aid was conditional on countries supporting the United States at the United Nations."

The Atlantic

“Whatever her future plans, Haley represents a textbook case of how Republican leaders quickly shifted from open hostility to Trump to embracing and implementing his agenda."


From the Right

“Haley didn’t just fight for Trump policies. She brought moral clarity to a United Nations that remains a cesspool of moral equivalence and globalist elitism. Most notably, she pulled the United States out of the Orwellian-named U.N. Human Rights Council, which coddles dictators and fights U.S. allies like Israel."

Fox News

“Her tough stance for America, in the face of an oft-concerted, ugly anti-American U.N. force, will be sorely missed... Kudos to her for bringing the ‘America First’ message in such an in-your-face manner to the global body."

Washington Times

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