September 11, 2020

Oscars Diversity Requirements

“The body that hands out the Academy Awards on Tuesday published detailed inclusion and diversity guidelines that filmmakers will have to meet… movies that want to be considered eligible for a best picture nomination at the 2024 Oscars will have to meet two of the four new standards, the Academy said. The four standards cover diversity representation among actors and subject matter [Standard A]; behind-the-camera staff, such as cinematographers and costume designers [Standard B]; paid [apprenticeships] and training opportunities [Standard C]; and marketing and publicity [Standard D].” Reuters

Read the new standards here. Oscars

Many on both sides agree the rules are unlikely to have much effect:

“The changes will be much less dramatic than the headlines and social-media buzz implies… The on-screen rule, Standard ‘A,’ is only one of the four standards. The Academy has made it relatively easy for studios to comply with the other standards… Five years from now, we could still have best-picture winners about straight white men such as The King’s Speech, Hurt Locker, No Country for Old Men, or The Departed. And even The King’s Speech and Hurt Locker might qualify under the thematic new rules if you interpret stuttering or PTSD as disabilities. Likewise, a Jane Austen adaptation would count, as it is about women.”
Gabriel Rossman, National Review

“These are easy hoops for most modern movies to jump through. Standard B, for example, covers 14 key positions. Some of those are still white and male-dominated, such as director and cinematographer; others are already mostly done by women. According to Women in Hollywood’s statistics for movies released in 2018, a total of 84% of costume designers were women, as were 83% of casting directors, 78% of hair department heads and 76% of makeup department heads. The overwhelming majority in each case were white women. So to tick box B, most movies would not have to change a thing

“Categories C and D are not necessarily difficult to satisfy either: most major studios and films do already. So as long as you tick two of the other boxes, you could still theoretically submit an all-white, all-male remake of Birth of a Nation and qualify.”
Steve Rose, The Guardian

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