January 22, 2024

Ron DeSantis

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ended his fading presidential campaign on Sunday and endorsed Donald Trump just two days before the pivotal New Hampshire primary, leaving former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley as Trump's last long-shot challenger for the Republican nomination.” Reuters

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From the Right

The right argues that Republican voters were just not ready to move on from Trump.

From the Left

The left argues that DeSantis’s campaign was doomed by miscues and strategic errors.

The left argues that DeSantis’s campaign was doomed by miscues and strategic errors.

A libertarian's take

“[DeSantis] was a candidate who could tout the benefits of giving parents greater access to school choice and then talk proudly about how his state government has seized greater control over school curriculums—sometimes with hardly a breath in between. He'd brag about how so many Americans were moving to Florida because of its freedoms, then declare that the federal government should do more to stop people who are moving to America for the same reason…

“Through it all, it's been impossible to escape the feeling that DeSantis' notion of freedom extended only as far as the preferences of his political tribe. DeSantis could have been something different… In his first political book, Dreams From Our Founding Fathers, DeSantis argued for the merits of constitutionally limited government. During his three terms in Congress, DeSantis backed plans to balance the budget and reform entitlement programs… The older version of DeSantis might have offered an actual vision for the future.”
Eric Boehm, Reason

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