April 27, 2023


Sudan's army and a paramilitary force battled on Khartoum's outskirts on Wednesday, undermining a truce in their 11-day conflict, but the army expressed willingness to extend the ceasefire… Since fighting erupted on April 15, air strikes and artillery have killed at least 512 people, wounded nearly 4,200, destroyed hospitals and limited food distribution in the vast nation where a third of the 46 million people were already reliant on humanitarian aid.” Reuters

All U.S. government personnel were evacuated from Washington's embassy in Khartoum, as well as a small number of diplomatic personnel from other countries, U.S. officials said on Saturday… The U.S. does not anticipate the security situation in the country changing in the near term, [Under Secretary of State for Management John] Bass said, adding that Washington does not foresee coordinating a U.S. government evacuation of American citizens in Sudan now or in coming days.” Reuters

Many on both sides criticize the Biden administration’s failure to evacuate American citizens in the country:

“Until very recently, the evacuation of noncombatants from conflict zones—known as a Noncombatant Evacuation Operation—was a relatively common and quintessentially American mission… No such effort is being proposed in Sudan… [Bass] noted that the State Department has had a travel advisory in place for more than a decade cautioning Americans not to travel to Sudan. Sudan is not the first country with a travel advisory to need an evacuation…

“A NEO is most likely to be needed in a situation where security deteriorates rapidly and without warning, as has been the case in Sudan… American citizens living abroad can hardly be expected to have predicted a crisis that intelligence agencies failed to see coming. For the U.S. government to allow its citizens to languish in a war-ravaged country on the grounds that they failed to predict the unpredictable is contrary to our values and at odds with the type of moral leadership the U.S. has long aspired to project outside its borders.”

Elliot Ackerman, The Atlantic

“India estimated it had just 3,000 residents in Sudan, yet the world's most populous country managed to launch a rescue mission, ‘Operation Kaveri,’ for its citizens earlier this week, with hundreds already moved to Saudi Arabia. The first rescue mission for citizens of the United Kingdom touched down in Cyprus on Monday, and the French foreign minister estimates the country has evacuated 500 people, nearly half of whom came from other countries, including the U.S…

“On Monday, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that the U.S. had begun to ‘facilitate’ the evacuation of the Americans by land, but that no U.S. troops are on the ground. The result is emblematic of the administration's entire foreign policy: under Biden, Americans depend on other countries for safety.”

Tiana Lowe, Washington Examiner

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