November 30, 2020

Supreme Court Blocks NY Religious Restrictions

“The Supreme Court late Wednesday night granted requests from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and two Orthodox Jewish synagogues to block enforcement of a New York executive order restricting attendance at houses of worship. Both the diocese and the synagogues claimed that the executive order violated the right to the free exercise of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment, particularly when secular businesses in the area are allowed to remain open.” SCOTUSblog

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From the Right

The right praises the decision.

From the Left

The left criticizes the decision.

The left criticizes the decision.

A libertarian's take

“It is undisputed that both the Brooklyn diocese and Agudath Israel, which sued Cuomo on behalf of the Orthodox synagogues it represents, were following strict COVID-19 safety protocols, including face masks and physical distancing. It is also undisputed that no disease clusters have been tied to their institutions since they reopened. The plaintiffs were not asking to carry on as if COVID-19 did not exist. They were instead arguing that Cuomo's policy singled out houses of worship for especially harsh treatment and was not ‘narrowly tailored’ to serve the ‘compelling state interest’ of curtailing the epidemic.”
Jacob Sullum, Reason

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