February 28, 2022

Supreme Court Nomination

“President Joe Biden on Friday nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to be a Supreme Court justice. Biden’s announcement fulfilled his campaign pledge to nominate the first Black woman to serve on the court.” SCOTUSblog

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From the Left

The left praises Jackson’s ideology and life experience.

From the Right

The right criticizes Jackson’s ideology and judicial record.

The right criticizes Jackson’s ideology and judicial record.

A libertarian's take

“Jackson could have been an excellent selection for a Democratic president in her own right and indeed made history as the first black woman on the nation’s high court. However, Biden engaged in a tokenistic, exclusionary, identity-based selection process through which he categorically ruled out all men and non-black women from consideration. He specifically made it clear he would only consider black women. The president narrowed the pool of candidates down to a tiny percentage of qualified individuals based on sex and race that do not affect one’s ability to be a good judge…

“This was discriminatory, divisive, and un-American. But it was also profoundly condescending and insulting to Jackson and other black female judges. Rightly or wrongly, Jackson, if confirmed, will always have questions lingering over whether she would’ve been selected in the absence of blatant racial selection. By openly making his selection about race and gender politics, Biden attempted to appease and pander to the woke Left. Yet, that came at the price of doing Jackson a grave disservice.”
Brad Polumbo, Washington Examiner

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